some useful adresses for New Delhi..

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Concerning middle range hotels..can't give much advice..
I stayed once in Ambassador hotel in 1980..not bad..
but will spend quite a bit of money/night..
New Delhi=I would advise to find out hotels in the Paharganj area..
the road is called Main's full of hotels..restaurants etc...
around Connaught could try Ringo Guest house..
adress=Scindia House 17..ask for Connaught
if you want better class hotel..choice enough in Delhi..
try Kanishka=Ashoka Road=expensive..
I had a delay of 24 hours from Delhi to Paris Charles de Gaulle..
plane out of order??what the fuck..they put me up in Hyatt Regency..
it's amusing to see these yuppie youths..oh well..why not??
behaving like children or giggling the Djinns nightclub..
I bet they were spending the money from their hard working parents??
super de luxe..not crazy Tiger's style...ahah..
oh...note down the adress of your will be in Chanakyapuri..
some useful adresses for flying within India are the following..
1/Jet Airways=Connaught Circus N40
2/Sahara Airlines=Connaught Circus N41..
3/Air Deccan=a fairly new service..check
4/Indian Airlines=the good old timer=on Janpath=Malhotra Building..
also ask the adress of the airline you fly with...and whether you need
re confirmation or not..don't forget to save some roepies..
for departure tax=it was about 750 roepies while I last flew..
I hope you will NEVER need this following adress..
if you get ill=go to Apollo Hospital=Sarita Vihar=Mathura Road..
pharmacies=go to Nath=block G=Connaught Place 2..
that's all for this time,peeps..

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