Sex Tips (Condom Use)

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There are a lot of posts and threads regarding condom use. A lot of negative thoughts for the lack of sensation abound. I'm here to tell you I can tell no difference when I fuck a pussy be it covered or bare. It wasn't always that way. I, like many other men, had no feeling when wearing a condom but there would be times where not wearing one wasn't an option. I researched the art of using a condom for sex. The most important result of my research was in finding a condom to fit my cock when fully erect. The only way to do this is to measure your erection. Length is not an issue as most condoms are at 7" plus. You have to be mega porn star length to be longer than that. Placing egos aside very few men are. The diameter is what makes it fit well or not. Circumference is the key. You don't want it too big where it will come off. Too small and it may tear or break plus there will be no feeling at all and the point of fucking a nice wet pussy is being able to feel it.

Measure the shaft and head in a couple of places and average the measurement. Place a string or flexible ruler around your erection, add the results, then divide by the number of places you measured. Don't try to fudge up your measurements to satisfy your ego here. This is not the time to brag on your cock size. If you do you won't find the right size condom. So put your ego on hold and use the correct measurements.

Let's say you're like me and average 5.21" in circumference erect. Divide that by 3.14 to get 1.66" diameter. You will need a condom that is slightly larger in diameter say around 1.9" to 2". A cock that is 6.25" average in circumference by 3.14 is a 2" diameter but go a little larger for better fit. Why? Let's look at lubrication and you'll see.

Many condoms come lubricated out of the package but it's not enough. Lubricate your cock generously before putting the condom on. You want your cock to be able to slide around inside the condom a little. Plus the friction of her pussy walls transfers over the material and the combination feels great. Without the added lube inside the feeling isn't as good. Same as with a condom the fits to tight. Be sure to lubricate her pussy generously too. A dry or lightly lubricated condom can irritate or numb her vaginal walls. Don't rely on her natural lubrication. It can dry pretty easily. The thinnest material is best but not that important. It's the sliding action that stimulates the glans of your penis.

Finally try to remove the mental block over using a condom versus bare. A lot of the lack of feeling is mental especially if you have done the above. Don't worry about her not feeling anything once you are deep inside. Her vaginal walls have few nerve endings for pleasure. Just the first 2 to 3 inches inside the vagina are where the endings are. As you slide that lubricated shaft of yours forget there's anything between you and her and concentrate on her other areas of enticement. It won't be long before you fill that bag with your cum.
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