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So..I reached Malaga...even in these days..very touristical spot..
turnpoint for the Costa del Sol destinations like Torremolinos etc..
I did not continue on towards Marbella etc..but hitched a ride...
direction Sevilla..difficult traject..road splits to took me
quite a while to reach Osuna and Sevilla..i decided to see this place..
took a small hostal(pension like hotel)I recall a very nice old lady..
pointing me out there was no hot running was cheap
enough for cold running for this big
cathedral called la Giralda=ask for barrio Santa Cruz..i never liked all
these churches too much..but this impressiv..the little streets around..
are full of busy little shops,restaurants,tapa bars,flamenco etc..
anyway..I treated myself a cerveza negra=dark some pub..
SEvilla folks are very lively can see the difference with the
north of Spain..same thing I saw between north and south Italians..
they just live more..they like to celebrate..i did not go to a flamenco
gig..usually quite expensiv..not for hippie rucksack travellers??
Granada and Sevilla are THE places to be to see flamenco dance..
I'll see if I can find a good link..usually flamenco is associated with gypsies..
wonderful people..these ladies wear these colourful robes...amazing..
I would say here..if you ever go to Southern Spain..
don't miss the triangle..Malaga-Sevilla-Cordoba-Granada..
it's really worthwhile can see Moorish(Arabic)influence..
in the architecture..but also in the mentality of these people..
so..I was gonna make a trip into Portugal..Algarve=Faro rtc..
will tell you all later..if you are interested???Tiger
click audio+audio of the listen to some flamenco..
all the other links..if you ask me..commercial internet..baaah..
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