Series of Neo-Cons Visions

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On Super Dlegate Tuesday, the Dream Machine said there were too many orange cones out that day---the Neo-Kons had, apparenetly, zoned off }FALSELY, the new work that was too be accomplished with ridiculous plastic cones )this was a follow-up on the passport dream which I had which showed that I was in possession of the correct passport.

Dreamed about Hananiah Tracy Trout. As my original kindred schwester. She had moved to Florida................................ for some un-known reason. She was watching out for my comforts and afternoon spells.

Maya Magdaleno was on a bus. She treated or zoned the different sides of the bus. The lower level of the bus she had placed a hedge in front of those kids )they were Neo-Kons it seemed like. Then she was in the top of the bus. Hangin' on to one of the bars. She had a recording about the sustainability of pleasure on Earth. She used the word Earth much like the Hospitaller pastor had used in the homily which he gave at a Sunday Mass some 2 years ago, when I left the Jolly Rancher church for a week or so.

I also was given a huge Hershey's candy-bar by some chocaltier. Originally, he gave me four of them (Obama's number). Then he took the other 3 of them back. This was reminiscent of my original Austin Dream, where I was given a bunch of chocolate during that time, saw the original Which S sandwhich shop as well. When I did not obtain all four Willy Wonka chocolate bars I went back to check out the box to grab a few more delicious bars.
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