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day 2 in Hyderabad..visit to Golconda fort.
inbetween both twin cities is Hussain lake..
I took a bus towards Golconda..very impressiv*qila*
reminded me a bit of Amber palace in Jaipur..
it's a place with history really..always interesting to know..
I don't remember all these names from gates,halls etc..
lots of tourists visit Golconda for its historic values..
in fact..this fort is a ruine..history from the 1500's..
I recall I met a young married Indian Hindu couple..
on their honeymoon..they were from Nagpur(Maharasthra)
they were only married recently..she was wearing her*mangalsutra*
with pride=a kind of a chain around the neck..I'll try to post a link
about Indian wedding ceremonies later on..mangalsutras are never
taken off..very funny..Indian traditions and customs,you know??
in this above can read about mangalsutra... meets very interesting folks while travelling..
maybe we were all gypsies and tourists,who can tell??
the fort visit involved lots of walking around as well..
took a bus back into Hyderabad town..had some cheap*thali*food..
usually every railway station in India got a restaurant..
where this thali food is available..not so bad...
next day...was gonna travell upto the regio Aurangabad..
and that was a real highlight...specially the Ellora caves..
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