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From Kotka got a ride to Lappeenranta..directly on Russian border...
i got on towards Mikkeli-Savonlinaa..this is Finland at its best..
this means..forest,lakes..and unbelieveable great summer
Finland can be a terror for its mosquitos..they liked my skin as well
sometimes..the lakes(j?rvi)of Finland are a great way..
to feel 1 with nature in all its facets..
people swim,boat..walk around in the woods nearby..
Finns like Swedes are crazy about nature anyway..
don't recall where I slept in Savonlinna..probably rough..
every july there's an opera festival..but that did not interested me..
at all..I was there late was Scandinavia weather
can be rainy a must have good luck with the weather conditions
otherwise your holiday gets bit rained out..I always had good luck what
weather was concerned..Savonlinna has got lots of water around..lots..
I did not stay long...just arrived late afternoon..and left next morning..
but it sure is a very worthwhile place to discover if you got the time to
spend...some Finns told me to visit a very old wooden church nearby..
called Kerim?ki from 1848?completey built in wood..
it's about 25 kms.from Savonlinna..difficult to reach..did not go there..
pity maybe..but I still had to go back home..2 ferries to pay etc..
I did not have a donkey that was shitting money either...and money..
goes quick in's bloody expensive...
so..I decided to hitch towards Kuopio-Jyvaskyla-Tampere-Turku..
and then take the ferry towards Stockholm again..
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