San Marino republic..

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Well..from has to take a bus to this place..
this's the third smallest in Europe..
after the Vatican and Monaco..well....this place..
to tell you all my honest opinion..I did not like it..
it was very hot..overrated..and full of tourists..
the kind of tourists..taking a pic..and then saying afterwards..
look at me..I have been in San Marino..
this place got some value maybe..
for stamp and coin colletors..but for the rest..
it's a handkerchief on tourism..which I agree with..
if you ever go there..just enjoy a shopping stroll..
you can buy these bullshit souvenirs..keyhangers,bottle-openers..
anyway..I spend some hours there..and oh..well..count me in,O.K??
I've visited San what??I visited 50 countries..
after San Marino..went back to Rimini youth Hostel...
by a hot bus ride..full of Japanese short trousers..
and little white hats for the always ready..
omg..I loved these Japanese and Taiwanese..
I was gonna get hitch towards Brindisi..
that's South Italy..folks from South Italy..
are very different from North Italy..ask any Italian..
I prefer South Italians..they tell your face..
a link for San Marino..if you wanna have a peep..
crazy Tiger
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