Published by old tiger in the blog old tiger's Blog. Views: 122 Africa..the ferry(bac in French)
took about half an hour..crossing the river Senegal..
colourful people these's very hectic..
coming from a strict Muslim place into Senegal..well..
it was very different..we drove towards Saint Louis..
very old town with a history...once capital of this country..
Dakar got that title in 1958,I believe??we went to the tourist
office in Saint Louis..we booked into a nice hotel..
it was called hotel de la Poste..bit colonial nostalgia..
it was not that cheap..but we all needed a good shower..
weather was very hot..wandering through the streets of this town..
is a delight..lots of old colonial houses with beautiful verandas..
we stayed 2 nights in St.Louis..there are a few nice bridges..
the pont Faidherbe is worthwhile..lovely view on Senegal river...
the bar of hotel de la quite animated in the evening..
the local hookers played their these days..
HIV was not known off..bit risky stuff..many foreigners..
had a one night stand with a hooker..
only to find out..all their stuff..was stolen..
these ladies of the night..looked nice in their boubous..
a boubou is a local a maxi skirt..they wear it with grace..
a foreigner is called a *toubab*here..and every foreigner..
is considered a capitalist?so..they try their games...ahah...yip..
St.louis was nice..I liked these 2 days..even better then the hustle..
and bustle..of Dakar carefull in Dakar..
these French dudes...hade a great time in St.Louis..
their journey..was ending in Dakar town..they were gonna sell..
the Peugeot car with benefit..and fly back to France..
oh my..these dudes..were real adventure seekers..
I didn't blame road..was still long..
some people..even up till nowadays..judge people...
often..they get a wrong idea of it..because..
they only a person really is inside...
to judge have to face them..
eye to eye...and these French dudes from Nice..
they gave me a free ride..from Akjoujt to Dakar..
and I was thankful for that...saved me lots of money..
these dudes were great..over and out...
I'll try to find a link on Saint Louis...
and I'll meet you all in bustling Dakar.. out...
I can write a book about that city..
crazy Tiger

P.S..Booh..difficult to find some English link to Senegal..

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