Ruined Orgasms

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Over the past year I’ve become somewhat of an expert on ruined orgasms. My wife has a thing for them, and I don’t know if I will ever get another full blown orgasm.

The ruined orgasms you see on porn sites are not really ruined orgasm, there is no hang time. They stop stimulation when the orgasm begins.

My ruined orgasms start with a tease session. I alternate between licking my wife’s pussy and ass, and then rubbing little willy on her pussy and ass. This can go on for 15 to 20 minutes, with me surfing the edge, but if she says “spoil it for me” I’ll be ready to blow within seconds. I just lay little willy at the top of her pussy and 4 or 5 seconds later, cum dribbles out and runs down her pussy to the crack of her ass, leaving me a nice cream pie to eat.

Usually, with a ruined orgasm, I get a little pleasure, with down time that lasts from a couple of hours to almost a full day, VS 3 or 4 days with a full blown orgasm, (seams like a long time, but maybe it’s because of my age).

Anyway, yesterday and maybe one other time, my hang time went from 3 to 4 seconds to 8 or 9 seconds, and I felt no pleasure, and remained fully horned up. Now that’s the way a ruined orgasm is done the right way. And that cream pie tastes a lot better, when I’m still fully horned up.
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