Right Royal Disgrace

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The royal family and every sycophantic follower and hanger-on make me sick to the back teeth! Like they're fucking interested in the welfare of their "subjects" or what is going on politically, socially or morally in their realm.
The old, racist, misogynistic and down right rude husband of the queen has had a problem with his hip for the past month, past month for fuck sake, so he is taken into hospital and given a hip replacement. People are waiting so long in his beloved adopted country for replacements that they die before their turn comes up or at the very least left house bound for months before being treated. Not only that, once finding themselves at the top of the list they may have their surgery cancelled on numerous occasions because of, take your pick, staff shortages, flu epidemic taking up all beds, no orthopaedic surgeon available because something more urgent requiring his/her attention etc. etc. etc.
I mentioned the prince philip thing to someone who I thought was quite aware of the inequality in this country to be met with this response "but it is being done in a private hospital"
What the fuck!!!!!! We pay all the royals expenses, so it doesn't matter where the fuck the surgery is happening or who the fuck is doing it, we, the tax payer, are footing the bill!
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