Recalling My Hardest Game Experience... Elder Scrolls Online

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Not long ago my friend ask at me, "what is you worst and hardest gaming experience?"

And that I can easy answer: when I became Emperor in Elder Scrolls Online..!!

It took long time of leveling skills, and getting fine armor set.. (I am stamina nightblade khajiit)..I prepared for months..and since I am so busy, some weeks I did not play at all..
And when I finally decided to attempt emperor, my Champion Points..I was only about 430..I was not close to maximum .(531 at time)
And you would think,as someone who work with games and environmental art on games,, I would not mind the patience it require..but it was horrible to me, that level grind..

And then, I already hate PVP..I despise it.. but I had do this stupid achievement for the Emperor! trophy...ridiculous. Who idea was it ??

Skull of Corruption..the campaign I chose..because it had least AD competition (as I am AD)..and odd enough, this was my first time really in PVP other than a few hours practice killing..

The war itself, soon as the server reset, I turn on my playstation and play ESO..for all day, and through all night..I did not sleep, and only do take break to shower or bathroom..
And at end of the week,I had 1.4m Alliance Points, but I had not yet capture the 6 forts in center of map..which is what must do for it..and it was last day to do it.
I was so paranoid I would fail and have to re-do it..but I am not often having this free time to play game for week straight..I hated every minute.. and there was always angry person I kill message me, "f*ck you!!" or "you are bad !"
Ok.. and I respond, 'If I am bad, why you are dead ?.."
And not mention, even your own team mate who also trying for Emperor message you hateful words, it is comedic how angry some get..

For every day the week, I had a group try take the center keeps..and on one day, I got 4/6..until the Ebonheart pact push back...and we lose all keeps..I expected it ! Skull of Corruption at time was full of reds only,until I took emperor throne and they leave campaign. (Now I think it is Daggerfall and Aldmeri..I am not sure.)

Lucky for me,a huge PVP guild come into Skull of Corruption on the last day before server reset and help me..I was so fortunate to have it...they were amazing and powerful,I think one of best PVP guilds for AD.
As soon as I become Emperor, I play a little as it and I had amazing stat boost..I loved..but I was so drain of sleep, I turn off my PS4 and instantly pass out..never again I do that, I do not have so much free time or energy..but after that, I had get Master Angler (catch all rare fish in game for short)... and that, I think I would rather do than Emperor ever again..but it was extreme boring and took while. But at least it was relaxed and not dependent on time and skill !

Overall, I think unless you are go for the achievement I do not recommend attempt at Emperor..the stress, it is not worth it.

I do not play games too much anymore, but I am told by many ESO is nothing like actuel Skyrim..and I admit, I have not play Skyrim before but the remaster, I think to buy it and see what is like.. But with some other games releasing, and life dramas,I do not know if I have such time. Perhaps..
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