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So since I decided to take in my dear little nephew, Cristoforo, whose mother is still much too young to be able to raise him, and none of the other family has the time or energy to give little Cris the attention he deserves, and raise him as my own son while still making it clear he is my nephew, I collaborated with my two best friends who are like brothers to me, Bartolomeo and Giovanni on how to raise my nephew, who is now just as much their nephew. We decided we'd raise him a barefoot child. It will do him a world of good to be raised primarily barefoot. I wanted to start this blog to write about all our experiences raising a barefoot child. Who knows, we may even let him run around completely bare while at home. All depends. So here's the blog of us three uncles raising a barefoot nephew.

April 21, 2018

While today was hardly our first day taking in Cristoforo, it was the first day we had some real barefoot fun. Giovanni didn't have to work today, but Bartolomeo and I did. So Gio stayed home and watched over Cris until we got home. As soon as we did, Bart and I got out of our business attire (slacks and leather dress shoes) and into our shorts and bare feet. After that, we went ahead and took Cris out for his first ever day of barefoot fun. It was short lived, as our weather quickly turned cloudy and cold. We had a good three hours of barefoot fun, though. Cris had a blast, he said "Gamma never let me barefeet!" Sounds just like my mom to be overprotective and never let a child go barefoot for fear of the typical worries of things that can happen while barefoot. It started out in the backyard. All four of us were barefoot. We had fun too.
Since our area is rather secluded, we also decided to let him run around as naked as he wanted. He was a little too shy to go all the way. He even said "Do I have to wear clothes?" We all answered no. So he took off his shirt and shorts, but couldn't bring himself to remove the last layer. No problem, as long as he was comfortable. So we took turns playing catch with him, and when we got bored with that, we asked him if he'd like to go to the park. He said yes. Well, we made him get dressed again "Unckies, me need wear clothes? (more or less what he said that I can still type)" We told him yes, he cannot go naked (or almost naked). He groaned, but we told him he did NOT have to wear shoes. He jumped for joy at that. Rushed to get into the car, and bolted out of the car when we got to the park. He loves being allowed to be barefoot, and he had such a good time exploring the various textures underfoot at the park.

Alas, his day of frollick was short lived. It started to get overcast about an hour later, so we had to call it a day. We told him not to be sad, we could go right back tomorrow.

I think this is the start of a beautiful healthy boy. We shall see.

April 22, 2018

Today it was me and Gio who had to work, and Bart who could stay home. Bart made Cris breakfast and made extra for when me and Gio got home from work. After we ate, it was time for Cris to have his barefoot time for the day. Today was ALL DAY! It was great. We again started out in the backyard. And he again asked us if he needed to wear clothes. We gave him the explanation this time: "When you're at home, you don't need to wear any clothes. You are allowed to run around naked at home. In public, or when important company is over, you cannot be naked. Understood?" He understood, at least for now. This time, he frollicked and played completely bare outside today. From what we could tell, he enjoyed every minute of it. Just to clarify, the three of us were NOT naked. Only our feet were naked. We're adults now, it's not as innocent for us to be running around our backyard naked as it is for Cris to be doing so. We have a nice little trail on the property to walk on. It's more or less cleared out, so nothing can hurt him much while he's naked. Personally, I'd worry about getting my jewels whacked or poked by a branch. Cris didn't gave a single damn about anything that could hurt him in the jewels. And nothing did. Again, Cris enjoyed every minute of his freedom. He seemed to enjoy feeling all the different textures with his feet while also feeling the cool spring breeze all around him. Anyway, before this starts sounding too creepy, we then came back around to the house, told him to get dressed, and we'd go to the park. He quickly got dressed, left his little feet bare, and we headed right out to the park, where we let him frolick and play for a solid five or six, maybe seven hours. He had a wonderful time.
Warms my heart to see my nephew so happy with just the simplest of pleasures in the world.

ENTRY: 4/25/18

After classes were over today, the three of us took Cris out of the children's center on campus (to which he is allowed to attend barefoot), and took him to the park that's near campus. He had a blast. Playing barefoot on the play structures. It took a little getting used to the wood chips for his little feet, but no problem for him. Since his uncles (use) are rather small, we can still fit on the playgrounds too. We were also barefoot, of course. He has a lot of stamina, this little boy. He was able to keep going and going and going long after we burned out. He particularly liked anything on the play structure that showed his soles. That is, he loved the slides and the swings. After that, we went to the beach. He was so mad that he wasn't allowed to take off all his clothes. We explained that this is a public beach, and you cannot go naked on public beaches. Of course, the three of us here, being the prudes we are, we kept every single piece of clothing we had on. No shirts removed, no nothing removed. but we did go into the shallow end of the lake, just to make sure he didn't drown. After a long day of burn-out fun, we stopped by the downtown shops, and got ice cream. This little boy sure loves life. And he makes life more enjoyable for us. Next outing we will take him hiking. I think his soles are tough enough. And he's small enough that if his feet start to hurt, we can take turns carrying him on our shoulders. I think raising my nephew will be fun overall. I can raise him just as I would have wanted to be raised for now anyway.

ENTRY 4/27/18

After I got off work today, it was time to take Cris on his first barefoot hike. We first went to a little restaurant that we found to be rather barefoot friendly. We had some food, then went over to the hiking hill, and hiked barefoot. It was a good three hour hike, which we finished off with a visit to the park, where Cris continued to explore the world and textures with his little feet, and where we just sat around in the grass, letting our old tired feet (and bodies) just rest and recuperate. After another two hours letting him roam the park barefoot, we went home, because it was starting to get dark.
On our hike, Cris was thrilled with all the new sensations his feet experienced. Only five times did his feet get a little too tired to keep going. Each time, one of us would carry him on our shoulders, and massage his little feet until he was ready to start walking again. I held him three times on my shoulders, because apparently I give the best foot rubs.
After hiking, we had Gio run down to get some food for a picnic (which was our dinner). After I was finished, and while Cris was still eating, he asked me for another foot massage. Oh well, if it makes him happy. I guess I can do it in a way that revitalizes his feet so he can continue to expend energy.
When we went home, he wanted another foot massage while we wound down. Then wanted another one when it was time for bed. I hope he's not getting too addicted to these.
Anyways, the barefoot weather has been great lately, but sadly, tomorrow won't be as nice, and we may have to cut barefoot time short due to weather. Oh well, during the week, the weather is supposed to pick back up nicely.

ENTRY 4/27/18
I was right. Weatha', she be dismal! He can still go barefoot, but we're not doing it. And we have family coming over, and we're going to the park I hope they don't disapprove of how we're raising him, if he decides he no wanna wear shoes to the park. Updates to come later.

ENTRY 5/6/18
Cris is beginning to get rebellious. Just like his mama. He never wants to leave the park or the pools when we take him. We can several times say it's time to go home, he keeps running around. I guess it's because he's soon to be two, and we;ll be entering the terrible two's. Oh boy, that will be fun. It might be time to start threatening to take away allowing to be barefoot, and threatening to make him wear shoes if he won't comply.

ENTRY 5/13/18
Well, since it's mother's day, it was revealed to us how old cris actually is. They were lying to us about how old cris is so that my sister wouldn't look like such a slut. He's really about to turn 3 in September. Bunch of liars. Really, i don't think of her as any more of a slut than i already did. She had a baby before she was an adult, who cares how old she was?
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