Rainy and snow day

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Today it rained and then turned in to snow. And as always I'm barefoot and it was in the 30's. But like yesterday it was almost in the 70's and perfect weather for bare feet. And to it is a good day to be barefoot but most people looked at me like i was crazy but it felt so good to feel the rain and snow on my bare feet. And i had a couple ask me if i was a little crazy to be barefoot in this weather. I said no I'm a full time barefooter so i never wear socks or shoes and it's healthier for your feet to be bare then in shoes. And they said yes it is healthier to be barefoot in stead of being in socks or shoes. They said they are always barefoot but when it's this cold and they have to go out they put on slip on shoes. I said it's great to hear that even they still go barefoot even at their age. They said they get crazy looks when they go barefoot in and store or at the park . I just smilled and said will i have to go abs it was nice talking to them i got in my truck and came home . It was a great day today.
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