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Today it was a good and hot but around 1:30 the clouds where coming in and the closer they got you could hear the thunder and see the lightening. And the wind started to pick up and you could see where the rain was falling and then one big thunder and lightning bolt . It started to sprinkling and yes i was barefoot .And the rain drops felt great on my bare feet they where really hot . Before it rained it was 93 degrees and then the rain started getting harder and harder and the rain drops got bigger. And then it was raining so hard and the road was getting to look like a river. And it felt so good on my bare feet. I just got done mowing the lawn and putting everything back in the shield .I went to the front of my house to see if had my Windows where up in my truck. It was raining so hard and so heavy that the water was over the tops of my bare feet. I was like a kid playing in the rain and in bare feet. It felt so good i couldn't stop it hasn't rain in the northern part of Utah in months .I love to walk barefoot in the rain and it help a lot to get my bare feet looking like bare feet not green like tbe hulk. I always mow my lawn in my bare feet even string trimming the edge of the lawn and cutting or trimming the tree and rose bushes in my bare feet. Will everybody keep barefooting.
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