Racism Still

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'tis a shame people don't realize,
How fast the world spins on.
Still stuck in a stunned amaze,
By what they learned when they were young.

Now the white man must apologize
For his every waking breath:
Try with his own folk to organize,
And he'll be sentenced half to death.

Negroes had it bad, at least once,
Now many of their handicaps are imagined.
If the University wasn't such a dunce,
She'd find a better object for her chagrin.

It is the same how they blame yesteryear's priests
For burning witches at stake;
While giving free pass to the doctors,
To electroshock those with heart-ache.

Don't let the skin shade shield you,
To the violence we each inflict
On those the very same hue-
Without feeling our consciences conflict.

Oh yes, I know you still suffer,
Oh yes, I know you still bleed.
But your blood runs no redder
Than ours; both of
human breed.

So: please don't divide us by our race,
Even if it is done in good-will.
Doesn't it make you feel a bit two faced?
that Racism still?

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