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oh yes..before I forget..in these days..currency..
was the rial..divided into tomans..funny names???
in Tehran..it was possible to change black market..
specially U.S dollars..I never did it..too many ripp offs..
Qum(or Ghom)was always a center for religion..
holy city..mullah's..Islam...well..I cared a shit for religion..
up till today..I think religion..is the opium of the people??
who said that...Nietschke??if one realizes today..
wars are fought..people...innocent or not??
get killed EVERY day..for the sake of religion...
awww..not my belief then..during this trip..to India..
I met some Parsi's in Mumbai..I will tell you later about that..
well..they came originally from Iran long ago..
do you all know their 3 slogans..their way of living??
good thoughts..good words..good deeds..
is'n't that hippie??can we all live up to that TODAY??
to tell you all..it became my religion as well..
difficult to achieve..indeed...thoughts..words..deeds..
do you all follow??so...Qum..religious center for Shi'ites..
nothing much to see..the grave of some *pir*=Muslim saint..
Mashad..is another town like that...had passed through there..
in Qum ayatolla Khomeini studied theology..well...
Qum was a stopover for our bus to Kerman..i did not even get
out of the bus..I stocked up on soft drinks/food in Tehran...
Iranian buses are not bad..but I prefer the Turkish ones..
some Iranian student told me..visit Shiraz/Persepolis...
I did not..no time...long road ahead..but..if you do Iran..
do me a favour..visit Shiraz..it 's a loveley place..
in these days..bus travell in Iran..was stopped regularly..
at road check up points..police??the Shaj had a service
of secret police units called Savuk or Savuka??
smuggling from Baluchistan was heavy..corruption??
some big shots always took profit..now..our bus...
first passed Isfahan..loveley mosque architecture..
these blue tiled mosaic domes...I remember them very well..
drove on towards Yazd..very arid and dry part of Iran..
typical villages..funny house architecture..
very poor people,I guess..in these day..oil dollars..
well..the Shaj and the elite of Iran..just profited well..
but what about these poor villagers in Yazd province??
nobody cared,I believe..not even the government..
Yazd...was the heart of origin for Parsi's(Zoroastrianism)
great religion..unknown...like the Bahai religion perhaps??
so finally..after a long and tiresome bus trip..reached..
the town of Kerman..I had been there before..I liked it..
will tell you curious peeps later on..

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