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Quetta is a city with well laid out street patterns..
the Mall was the main street with shops,restaurants etc..
it was mainly a strolling experience for me..
the town got some musea..too hot to get stuffed in there??
the train towards Lahore would take more then 24hours..
the language in Pakistan is Urdu..resembles Hindi in some ways..
Baluchistan got its dialects..I believe Pasthun is spoken there?
Quetta also got an earthquake once..I believe in 1935??
I spoke to a very old Baluchi...he was nostalgic about British rule..
it was better organised,he said..could be??Baluchistan is a very arid
and rough area...with lots of desert and uninhabited space..
the Bolan mountain pass is very near..I took that train once..
going to Lahore..it looked all familiar..but every trip is different..
a true Baluchi will have a beard..or a long moustache..
and they wear a knife..wooh..watch out..don't argue..
they might shiv you...ahahh..if you adapt to local customs..
which is not always easy in Pakistan/India..then no worries...
I could adapt myself these days..Baluchi's..aww..they were..
a race apart..not like Pakistani Sindhis or Punjabi's..they were..
definately different...and I think even today..they still are..
these people have a code of honour..they can get wild!!
watch out what you say in Baluchistan..but..if a Baluchi..
sees the real friend in you...they will go trough a fire for you..
bit like in Corsica..special mentality,you know..
so..the train..done it before..got my railway ticket+reservation..
sitting in a compartiment for 1 day...with Pakistani's..
is either good..or not good..for me..it was positive..
this trip..people offered me chai(tea)and were very curious..
about Belgium..they even did not know where it was situated..
the train goes trough the Bolan pass...arid landscape..
trip follows the cities of Jacobabad-Multan-Lahore..
bloody hot it was...i was puffing and huffing.
tea released the tension..food was cheap..
I was so glad to reach Lahore..i got fed up with that train..
sitting more then 1 day in a train..in scorching temperatures..
bit too much for my nerves..but..I made it to Lahore..
capital of the Punjab..great historical value...as a city..
I''l take you peeps..into Lahore...and India..
if you don't mind..travelling along...ahahah..
crazy Tiger
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