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One may spend his life looking for purpose, he shouldn't expect it to be easy and should be aware he may never find it. Some words on the subject may be helpful for one to not get hopelessly lost. If one looks for purpose in things that don't exist, then he will always fail. One must also understand that nothing comes out of nowhere, even thought, so one can only find his purpose, not create it out nowhere. One must understand that one's self is a manifestation of the past, but not just his own personal life, but of his family and ancestors. A person is born from a mother, he doesn't magically appear in the world, so when thinking of one's past, he may include what came before him through his ancestors. One must learn to know himself, but when one looks within one should look at oneself not just as an individual but as a product of his ancestors, of his past. His thoughts are his ancestors' thoughts, so their purpose is his. Though, it is more difficult for those with significantly divergent ancestors, where multiple purposes blend into one individual, who must sort them out. The process of finding purpose might take a lifetime, especially for one of significantly divergent ancestry, but nothing else is more important. Which is not to say one can't focus on other things as well, and only worry about finding purpose on occasion, but that's because it takes much internal conflict to search for his purpose and it requires much time in between to rest and do other things.
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