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We live in a world in which we generally expect product and service to go hand-in-hand. We look for it when we go to a salon (or a saloon), when we shop for clothing and when we seek medical attention.
There are so many times when I feel as if I am alone in my fight against the big, cold, heartless industrial giant. The giant will put up a front or a face and say, "We care what you think about us," but in reality the action taken is, "We're huge and we can do whatever the heck we want. If a competitor tries to tangle with us, we will crush it like a bug!"
This came to mind recently when I had a run-in with UNITED AIRLINES. First of all, any contact that I tried to make with this corporation was subdivided into to unpleasant options; I could either go online and deal with a website (offering me frequently asked questions... none of which was my question), or I could have my telephone call diverted to India, Pakistan or the Philippines where I would communicate with someone who was trained to be cloyingly sweet and dismissive of my stress.
My problem arose when I bought my ticket online from PriceLine. I was never told that I wouldn't get flight mileage credit. They added my mileage number to the reservation and it wasn't until after I had finished my trip that the news was given to me. I don't know why. It wasn't a free ticket. And add to that the airline had my funds MONTHS in advance.
On the way home I was trying to get to my seat. The stewardess had blocked it from me. I fought with her, begging three times. She crossed her arms in front of her. Turns out (when I ran to the toilet) that she had spread her stewardess ass out onto my assigned seat and the one next to it. Hmmmm....
So when I landed in Chicago I skirted over to a long line at customer service. Someone was going to hear from me, boy howdy! When I finally reached the desk, the clerk told me to go online to file a complaint.
I lost it. Losing it in Chicago is not pretty. "I DON'T USE COMPUTERS! I DON'T WANT TO DEAL WITH GETTING EMAILS THAT START OFF WITH THE SENTENCE 'DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL'. I WANT TO WRITE A LETTER TO A REAL LIVE AMERICAN HUMAN BEING AND TELL YOUR COMPANY WHY THE SERVICE I HAVE RECEIVED SO FAR IS HORRIBLE." The clerk searched frantically and found me a self-addressed postage free post card. "Give me two," I said, "My complaint certainly is not going to fit on a single post card!"
To date I have only gotten back DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL emails stating that the big, cold, heartless industrial giant was glad I had written and would investigate my claim. Have YOU heard from them? I sure haven't.
I have since told them to purge my account. I told them that I didn't want ANY TRACE of my ever having been there. I didn't want to donate my miles anywhere else. Every other day I go on line and every other day I see the mileage. I even wrote a letter to their so called service center in the metropolis of Rapid City, SD. No reply.
It's my day off from work, time to see if I can get an American online.
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