Pretending to bond with someone

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I work in a float pool in a hospital. When my assignment is given and I present to the ward or clinic I am often asked, "Do you like working in the float pool?"
I answer, "Yes."
Then, without my asking anything further, I get the immediate comment, "Well, I wouldn't be happy there. It's too unsettling. You have to go to a different place every time. Do different things. You don't know where anything is."
I shrug.
What is often on my mind when I hear that comment is one of two things. The first is that I am glad and lucky to be given the opportunity to move around and experience different aspects of my vocation. The second--and generally more common thought--is that I am very happy that I am not stuck here in a ward wherein I have to pretend that I am bonding and friends with the likes of you !
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