preparing the trip towards Africa+Paris(France)

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I worked every day..from 08.00h to 17.00h..
i got payed all right..and got a decent amount of money..
i wrote a letter to Cathy in Paris..she wrote back..
i knew Cathy from a Scandinavia trip..met her in Rovaniemi(Finland)
i was welcome to stay at her flat in Oberkampf district..
she got married to a dude who had been in Afghanistan..
he worked for air France at Paris airport..
i wanted to prepare all my Africa visa's for different countries..
so one fine was in september..i travelled to Paris..
I've always loved Paris..big city with lots of charm..
I easily found Cathy's my own get in even..
nice little flat..she loved Crosby,Stills,Nash&Young..
now allright..but it involved subway travell..
i visited embassies of Senegal and Mali..
and got info on vendange...vendange is grape picking..
i got an adress in Beaujolais regio..Chiroubles..
and Cathy told me..leave your stuff here in Paris..
and go and earn some extra money in the vendange..
so I did..I left Paris...after 6 days..reached Dijon the first day..
and Chiroubles the next day..the vineyard owner payed 35 FF=
French francs+3 meals a day+1 bottle of wine+free sleeping..
I left my passport in Paris..I did not need a passport for France..
I will tell you all how grape picking is done..and what happened..
i worked 8 days..hitched back to Paris..stayed another 8 days
in Paris..i recall my Paris free food/lodging..great...
on the way back from Africa...again went to Paris for 4 days..
i recall it was beginning march...and damn fact I was broke..
300Kms south of Paris..on my return from Tunisia via Marseille..
Cathy payed my train ticket to Brussels..from Paris..great folks..
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