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So..back to Poznan by train..stayed 1 more night..
that last evening..we attended a service in a church..
damn..these Polish churches..are just beautiful inside..
lots of baroque..the church was packed like a sardine bottle..
now..Marian did us a proposal..in these days..if any Polish..
wanted to visit a foreign country...they needed a prove..
a financial back up..an invititation..a sponsoring..
he wanted to visit Belgium one day..so..he gave us..
a whole table set..of silverware,plates,Polish crystal..
point was..you couldn't take it over the border..
not even as a tourist..not in that amount anyway..
we agreed..to welcome him in our place..we took the set..
with us..went by train back through East Berlin..
we were damn nervous..but..damn lucky as well..
the customs did NOT search our stuff..otherwise...bingo..
up till today..when I'm writing these lines..I got some plates..
from Poland..I broke some in these 25 years or more..
but..fact is..Marian never made a request to come over..
we damn lost contact..I remember his sister Elisabeth..
and his 2 kid brothers..baboeska...his grandmother..
I bet..Poles..are hippies at heart..I've noticed East Europeans..
OFTEN get another mentality about what life is all about..
Poland is free now..so is the DDR...the Berlin wall is broken down..
I worked in the bloody coalmines..with Poles,Turks,Italians..etc..
fact is..in a coalmine..we were all BLACK..it's different..
once we came into broad daylight..then religion,race,life attitudes..
were creeping up..point is..we are all humans..reaching out..
for inner peace..happiness?hippies fought for their ideals in the 60's..
I think we lost that battle...open your television set..listen to the news..
then..we all know..peace..is far away indeed..but peace..
can survive only..if you're at peace with yourself..
so..we came back home in Belgium..with our Polish adventure..
next trip was one to remember..we flew..with Bangla Biman airways..
to Dacca(Bangladesh)then to Bangkok(Thailand)stayed 10 days..
in Thailand..flew to Dacca..and visited India again..only Assam..
flew from Calcutta via stopover in New Delhi..to Brussels..
will keep you peeps engaged with my travell adventures..
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