Power Of Suggestion

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We all like to think of ourselves as smarter or more mentally sound than we are. I do, at least. SO how is it that I fall for suggestion so easily.

If you haven't read my blog about Phoebe, now would be a good time to do so, cuz this is about her.

A few months back, Phoebe, Harley and I were all hanging out and Phoebe, jokingly, said, "Time for the group sex!" In my mental state, I took this as a legitimate statement. I was all for it. It stuck in my head for a few days until I had to tell my wife that I wanted to watch her suck off Phoebe. Unsure of how she would take such a request, my anxiety about revealing this to her was enough to make me lose sleep.

Harley was totally down. She had been in love with Adam from a long time ago so this was something she had thought of doing before. I figured it was something we could do for her as a Christmas thing, since she was alone this year. And then, we find out Phoebe's wife was back in CT from Montana. And the little fantasy was shattered.

Last week, I had to bring my sons to school because we had missed the bus. My dude, Kevin, was on his way to pick us up when Phoebe came over. I told her to pack the bong and wait for me to get back. When I returned home, I walked in and said' "Oh, man. House to myself, I can whip it out and have a wan..... Hi, Phoebe."

This is where the problem starts. She said, "Go ahead, Hell I can call Carrie and we can make an event out of it." I met Carrie one time at the thrift store when she happened to be in their with Phoebe. I literally have spent 30 seconds with her. So, now, I have it in my head that Phoebe is okay with having group sex and I want it badly. That was the night I jerked off to Phoebe for the first time. Well, the thought of having a 3 way with Phoebe and Carrie.

Last night I actually got to hang out with Carrie a bit after I got out of work. I cannot begin to tell you how much I would love to get with them both. Phoebe and Carrie have beautiful souls and the positivity that radiates from them is so intoxicating. I haven't felt so genuinely happy in a long time.

I may be looking WAY too far into this as I know Phoebe doesn't go for men at all (gold star lesbian) and I doubt Carrie is going to get fucked by a guy she's met once, but I would love to give it to her good while she blows Phoebe.

I'll have to bring myself to run it past them both. I want this. BADLY.
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