Poetry For A Lost Love

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The poetry you're sleeping
On, giving away the silent

Fires you've stoked in
Your secluded pleasure,
Shaded from my thirsting gaze"¦

It was a play of fools and lovers,
Ships rocking on a tempestuous sea,
And you're running from me into
Greater isolation.

Your brother hoping to seduce me in a
Hidden cave,
And I'm asking where is my

The lips you've torn from the drooping
A saddened clown beaten down
By the world's twisted antics.

I'm seeing the letters you wrote
Her, blood in the pen draining
Towards a masked lover in
Forgetfulness of beauty.

You've read your poems to
A dead audience, holding the
Creases of past failures with love
In a squinched gaze and pursed lips"¦

Running after your red-headed Juliet,
Yet another dark-haired maiden
Stands in your wake,
Taken by the silent passion,
Now the makings of an ash pyre.

It has been years since you've faced
Her, memory botched by time's torn
Yet you are taken by the dark eyes,
The sway of a long lace skirt,
The creamy divulgence in swollen
Fingertips searching"¦
The sacred peace.

Love's bitter season loosened,
As beauty floods in again to
Make the petals push out
Of dry encrusted soil"¦
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