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Well we are slaves in many ways
Forget what the constitution says
Born with number for sure don't forget
The depts given to you at birth rit
So we go to school to learn the bell
It's not a curve but to your true nature’s hell
When you start getting older look around
You listen to music hear muffled sounds
Cry's for help go out to ears that are shut
Can't worry about others You’re in a rut
But we should stop for a second and listen
Not just hear but give all your attention
Same song and dance played out I know
But it is different... I heard it from a crow
It's bigger than you is a cop out to utter
if your alone we're all one together don't stutter, take the rudder, get out the gutter!
We do it together who said it had to be?
One of 2 ways which splits us in three¿
I just want you to wake up a bit
While the jokes alive get it
Not even as bad as I make things out
Even with limitations we can make a route
Corona is sun or sol and many things even
Like the album cover "from chaos" by 311
Get hip or fight a fight that's been going for years.
WW3? We been fighting each other still WW1!
Didn't start with a gun or duke or a bomb
Started cause long time ago over everyone’s Mom.
Had to eat that fruit we were doomed out the gate!
Leave it to a woman to dictate fate, but it's never to late, we can open that gate
Cause the bible holds truths believe or not
The stories passed down written and got.
Argue all day it's a tool to use or use against.
I'm all about Jesus like me he had ta bum
Hold onto his teachings but to idols thumb
If he died for our sins stop kneeling at crosses.
Jesus Emanuel you read that once it's there
So be kind to others don't use laws to care
Or signs to hurt, lawyers to torment it's all in the book. The stories are all over plain to see

Corona is bad but don't give it your rights Consider it a sun virus words have might.
Or a cheap beer not bad with a lime
Kick back and make your own time
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