picking grapes in Beaujolais(France)

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So..let me tell you all..grape picking can be fun..
but it's not an easy thing to do..the owner signs you in..
you get a sleeping accomodation,usally most people used their
own sleeping bag..it was a bunk bed system..comfortable enough..
because in the evening one really gets tired..
in the morning it's early rising..breakfast..baguette(French bread)
with jam or cheese..and coffee..then it's starting towords the place
of action..a tractor took us there..now..everyone got a small curved knife..
and a basket..to put in the grapes..one starts at the bottom
of the hill upwards..in the beginning it's big fun..a dude with a huge
type of basket called *la hotte* in French..walks around to collect
our filled baskets..we all had a joke about an old grandpa...in short
trousers..who picked with us at the start...at the top..we did not joke
anymore with this dude..he finished his row 15 min..before any of us..
he picked grapes for 25 years....so..we learnt our lesson here..
at noon..we were taken back home..for a meal..it was nice to talk to
all these folks of all walks of life..they were tramps..travellers..or even
professional pickers..like the old dude..I guess we all did it for the little
extra money..food at noon..was French..good..the bottle of wine..
was heavy...and went to my head at times...wooohah..red wine..
made me lazy..and we still had to pick the whole afternoon..
we all came back tired..it's working in a bended position whole day long..
the grapes..pick allright..but if it had rained at night..
the bunches became slippery..and picking was no fun then..
we all spent our evenings talking..or going to the one and only local pub..
for a beer..or another glass of wine..
I would suggest to you all..
if you ever get the chance to do a *vendange* please try it out..
it's great fun..you meet people who really enjoy doing this..
after about 8 days picking..well..I had enough of it..
I got payed my wages by the vineyard owner..
and I returned by hitchhiking..to Paris..
where I stayed again in Cathy's flat..for 8 days..
the big adventure towards Africa..was just beginning to take form..
I guess..i was ready for it..it was a big adventure trip anyway...
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