Perceiving Higher Nobility

Published by Eerily in the blog Eerily's Journal. Views: 518

There is a certain form of irony I'll address. - There are subjects that are seemingly incomprehensible. The only reason that one even accepts that they are valid is because those one respects speaks of them. When one asks those people for clarification, they generally respond, but one is never satisfied. If one can't understand them, and rather than pressing for answers is willing to wait until some later time, or realize that one might never understand, then perhaps one is at least halfway towards that understanding.

I'm referring to the subjects related to nobility. One can never see a four dimensional being in three dimensional space, but only vaguely sense it or rationally deduce the probability of it's four dimensionality by observing the movement of the three dimensional figure which is the product of the four dimensional being weaving through three dimensional space. In the same way one can never know that another possesses a greater nobility with the same certainty that one may know one has equal or lesser nobility. One must vaguely sense or rationally deduce it's probability. Neither jealousy nor subjugation to greater nobility will help one become more ennobled. Perhaps the best option is a more simple quiet respect.
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