People In General Are Confused And Ramble...

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so why can't i? i do not care about other opinions. opinions ARE assholes. not "like". they all smell, are ugly puckered shit spitting confusion. lol.

i rarely come on hipforums anymore. i only come on to grab content i once posted to share with another. most should know by now my experience. yes, i died for over 8 minutes. i learned more than 1 earth lifetime in that time. for my consciousness was eternal. for earth it was a little over 8 minutes. i learned who my true soul is. i am not religious, nor will i ever be again after my experience. none of religion is very accurate. was i once religious? yes. i learned that yes god exists but not as the bible dictates. i learned yes jesus is real. by now i may have lost several readers, for those that are still here: hi. i welcome you to a new life, how can that be so? walk with me and i can show you. i cant tell you. this is not matrix mumbo jumbo corny shit im talking about. im talking about something more real than it is reading these words on this screen. you can call it your true home for the time being. if you are interested in going back to your true home, although hard, be positive. it can, will, and is inevitable to happen. your time. use it well.
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