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Hi everybody ,
Last Wednesday I went to get a pedicure and it was raining and yes I drove barefoot but I had my flip/flops just in case I needed to wear them. And when I got to the place to get my pedicure it started to snow . But I walked in the salon barefoot and the ladies know who I am and I told them I wanted a pedicure and they said ok . One customer that was getting her nails done said wow I don’t know any men that get a pedicure I told her I do because I’m always barefoot and the first thing people do is look right at my bare feet and I like to have the tops of my bare feet to look great . And she said oh are you barefoot all the time I said will look down and she said wow and the lady that does my pedicure all the time told that I’m barefoot all year around even in the winter. She said again I never see or heard of a man going barefoot more then a woman I said I have been going barefoot for over 27 years and I love it she was like wow . She ask if I was married I said no it’s hard to find a girl that is ok with a guy going barefoot as much as a woman. She said I bet you save a lot of money on shoes and socks I said yes it do. So as I was getting my pedicure it was about time it’s been over 3 months but now that the place where I get my pedicure done was open the last few months they where closed because of covid but now they are open now I can get my pedicure and make sure the tops of my bare feet look good when people look at my bare feet. And after I was done getting my pedicure I saw a lady and she was getting to get her nails done and she looked at me and then looked at my bare feet she asked if I had shoes because it’s really snowing hard and I said no she ask if she could buy me some shoes I said no thanks I’m always barefoot all year around she ask me if I’m homeless I said no and then the lady that does my pedicure told her that I’m always barefoot and I’m not homeless and no to disrespect her customers. The lady said I’m going to call the police to make sure I’m ok and I said that I’m ok and that she is out of line call the police . So I started to leave and it was snowing really good so I left my flip/ flops off got in my truck by the time I got home the lady from the salon called me and said that the cops where there and asking about me and she told them at I’m always barefoot and they said her for my phone number and she gave it to the and they called me ask to talk to me so the came to my house and we talk and one of the officers know me and he said hey barefoot Rick and the other cop said you know him he said yes we are good friends and so we talk and my friend Mike told the other cop that when we when hunting camping or fishing I was always barefoot the othe cop said wow you must have Tough feet I said I came walk on broken glass and I can walk on hot black top he said wow I can’t walk barefoot to long on the sidewalk. So after we talk they had to go out on another call so I said good bye and be safe they said the same thing and the lady that made the call is not Allowed back at the salon she was making a big deal the the owner and he said that I was always be a customer to his salon and that she is no longer welcome there at all . So the next day I when to the salon and told the owner thank you he didn’t he said you’re a great customer you get a pedicure every month and that lady comes in like twice a year and Complains that they don’t do her nails right and that she will go some where else but she doesn’t. Will that was one day I didn’t think that would happen I haven’t had someone call the cops because of me going barefoot in a long time like three years . Will everybody keep barefooting
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