Passing Judg(e)ment on a Shopping Cart

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Sometimes my titles sound more like poems than they do the onset of an expository rant or rave. This afternoon I found myself in the local over-priced grocery store and felt almost compelled to complain about what was in front of me. There was an elderly couple (she with a cane and he with two hearing aids) that had a wagon filled with crap; Campbell's chicken noodle soup in the large can, salted saltines (is that redundant?), buttermilk waffles, butter. Is there a pattern here? Now one could say, "Maybe they have grandkids and like to stock up on food for them?"
To that I say... well, I say something that's not fit for print. They should be setting an example of superior eating habits. I wound up keeping my mouth shut. And I don't mind telling you that I felt very smug when I put on the counter fresh peaches, white dolphin-safe tuna in water, whole grain bread and oatmeal.
And as I wheeled my shopping cart to the end of the parking lot so that old folks could have a shorter distance to walk, I felt somehow superior to those who just don't know how to shop. And each puff of Marlboro was exhaled in righteous indignation!
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