Paris-Brussels+back home...

Published by old tiger in the blog old tiger's Blog. Views: 140 always a nice place..
february in this without tourists..
one gets to know Paris better that way,I guess..
I went into the quartier latin..lots of students..
nice pubs,restaurants..but..i did not have the money..
I booked a seat on a train from Paris..gare du Nord..
towards Brussels Central..and thanks to Cathy..
i reached Belgium again..i did not even have the guts..
to hitch a ride towards my home place..i was tired..
the winter weather into me...
I took a straight train to Antwerp...and my home place...
my Dad,brother and aunt..were glad I came back home..
but 16th of june..I was back on the India overland..
I don't know..if I'm going to continue telling you all..
I might..we'll see about that..this a flashback for me..
thank you all..for taking the read my adventure tales..
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