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Train trip from Ahmedabad to Bhavnagar..went fine..
bus to Palitana....was another story..50kms..on bumpy roads..
I did not decide..what to do for accomodation..
maybe a night sleep in the my sleeping bag??
Palitana bus took about 2 hours..stops included..
I went for a long climb upon that steep hill..
with the temples in sight..not that's tiresome..
it's about 2kms climbing upto more then 3000 steps??
I didn't count them..but..I was bloody glad..I reached the top..
the temples..were O.K..but..I expected more of this sight..
it can't beat Ranakpur or Mount Abu..
old Jain ladies..are carried to the some kind of a chair...
funny sight it was...can't remember the name..
but this carriers..were sitting with their tongue on the ground..
reaching the top..of that can become hot as well..
there are little over 1000 temples there..impressiv of course..
good panorama over the neighbourhood of course..
I went my own tempo...
and slept at Palitana Railway Station..
tomorrow..train back to Amhedabad..change train...
and journey up to Bombay...awww..Bombay...
it's now called Mumbai..I love that city..stayed 4 nights..
in a cheap Indian style hotel..
will tell you peeps later on..
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