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So..after New Delhi..train to Amritsar again..the Punjab..
is the home province of the Sikhs..they are very good farmers,
as well as good mechanics or army folks..their dairy products
like dohee(curd)are worthwhile tasting..i stayed 1 night again..
in gurdwara Ram Niwas..and moved on by bus to Wagah border..
same ritual as ever..passport control..stamps..Lahore was hot..
stayed in Lahore in railway retiring room..made a walk in the vicinity
of railway usual very busy area..Anarkali bazar should be
visited as some information on trains toward Peshawar..
straight train via Islamabad..i was going to go into Afghanistan via
the famous khyber pass..but still had to make an entry visa..
for Afghanistan in the Afghani consulate Peshawar..honestly said..
I did not enjoy Pakistan as I enjoyed travelling in India..
Pakistanis are extremeley curious..10 times they will ask you.
sir,are you American??are you British??what's your job,age??
do you like Pakistan??can you sing a song??shit..I got so fed up
in the train I sung a Hindi movie song from Kishore Kumar(India)
they were clapping their hands like little kids...and to tell you..
i'm a very lousy singer..i only knew 2 lines..but that was enough
will tell you all about Peshawar and Afghanistan later on Tiger
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