overland to India..part 2=Amsterdam..

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So..I did a bit of this and that..to get some money..
on june 15th..i set off from home..hitched a ride to Amsterdam..
i don't recall why I went to Amsterdam..but this city..
I've always had a connection with it..it's a city of my taste..
I stayed in Kabul Hotel=Warmoesstreet..close to red light district..
this hotel was popular with travellers of all kind..
in the bar of this place..I met Doreen..from Pennsylvania...
nice woman...the usual stuff..broken relationship..
we had a talk about life..no bullshit..she was intelligent..
for the rest..Amsterdam..is always so vibrant..so full of life...
I probably have put this link somewhere..
but..I'll put it again here..in the evenings..I used to go..
to Paradiso..on Weteringschans..they used to have gigs there..
I stayed a few days in Amsterdam..and hitched out..
towards Den Haag..made my India visum there..
they could issue it..very quick..hitched a ride again..
towards Germany..and reached Bochum..
that's in the Ruhr area..very industrial..lots of highways..
slept outside somewhere on a raststatte..
damn...it was good to be on the road again..
I always loved that challenge..what's the next day gonna be like??

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