Outback & Gemfields

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From Nimbin I took off to Australia's outback heading for the gemfields near Sapphire and Rubyvale. I stayed there 22 years ago and found many nice sapphires and zircons just sitting on the ground. :)

This time I didn't fare so well, as it was pretty dry, and you need a good rain to be able to "spec" or scan the ground for gems. But it was fine just being able to walk thru the beautiful scenery and absorb the sunlight & nature, including a huge variety of birds.

It seems like there's only older folk out there in the gemfields, diehard miners who pick a spot and start digging for gems. You're allowed to camp in the gemfields and it's real cheap, like US$12 a week for a permit. You must also get a fossicking permit for around US$4.

Lots of folks bring their caravans and hang out for weeks or months. Now it's cooling off there are more coming out, but not like in the old daze.

This is the same caravan I stayed in 22 years ago when I visited the gemfields. I guess they made a monument out of it, no doubt because someone famous stayed there... ;)

I camped here one night in Lonesome National Park & it was indeed lonesome as I was the only human in the whole park! :)
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