Ooty =trainride to Mettupalayam(India)

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So..next day..this famous toy train ride..
it's a narrow gauge mountain railway..
it goes via Coonoor..and it has to pass..
through no less then 16 tunnels and 26 viaducts..
it's pulled by a small loco..which pushes it from the back..
i bet it took more then 4hours to cover 45kms??
the scenery is heartbraking..reminded me on Flam(Norway)
but this was much better..in the 70's..these loco's..
were powered by coal...I've heard it's a diesel nowadays??
on this train..also about 5 brakemen..signaling with green flags..
toward the loco driver..wawww..this was something..I reached
Mettupalayam in the early evening..and I bet..I took a night train
to Coimbatore..don't recall this very clearly..
I'll try to get a link on that famous toy train ride..
crazy Tiger
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