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Got outta jail. Got beat up by about 6 cops while walking down the road. They pulled up behind me and when I turned around I knew I was getting beat up so I told em I wanted to pray and got down in the praying position and got out the prayer Id been learning that day. One had threw his knee into my back so many times it punctured my lung. All this before asking my name... So I told them I was Logan... Paul of course. I sat in a holding cell for a day with a punctured lung. Really learned some things in that cell. Like using internet sensation Logan Paul as an alias is funny. The one time I ever challenge authority I really went all the way. I made it to the hospital and was stalled long enough for a doctor off the prisons payroll to come in and he fixed me up in my own room with roomservice and a nice view. I was really just trusting my gut and it seemed I had a little help with this. I was charged with assault on an officer, but I did not. I spent 3 months playing spades and decided that I shouldn't Personally sue because I got something out of this experience that money would just cheapen. Empathy, Humility, and forgiveness. Learned that things happen no matter how much you try to avoid them. Gotta dust off and learn. Everyone thinks I'm spoiled anyway.
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