One Love And Movie Idea I Need Actors N People To Love

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THe people

I JUST WANT TO BE UNDESTOOD>.. and I want to understand as do we all

love is the most powerful thing we have it is what intertwines us .

my friends I am here to be your friend and to understand your journey and you are all worthy of my love I am here to be peaceful and to end all personal wars all world wars I do not want the world to be a thought of what was while we sit in hell wondering why we didn't take control when we had the chance

WAAAAKEEEE UPPPPP I do not wish to scare u in anyway I wish to enlighten your mind like a lightening strike from heaven.. I am a plant and my love is my fruit and I make music too! u r all amazing and I love u and I don't care if me saying it a million times diminishes the word because I mean it a million times more than the first time I said my homies u r the shit!!!!! hit me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

think of this movie idea im a bounty hunter and my riffles are filled with love

THERE IS A DICTATOR and I ASSASINATE HIM ... so much pain in the North Korean culture

my destiny is to assassinate that cold mother fucker and send him to hell

there is a giant speech of this mother fucker praising himself
and then boom me up in a room I get him perfcectly
I found the room like 2 minutes before the speech and fucking barely get up there by manipulating a body guard of the building into looking one way and then I run in.. he looks for me and he thinks I dipped out... boom I run up knock out one mother fucker with my riffles that somehow the first body guard didn't notice because he does a shit ton of Cocaine that the dictator feeds to him so his mind is stooped as shit..... lol stupid... and then I run up there boom 5 seconds before he is about to leave I shoot super close up on the bullet... that movie would change the world... one love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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