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I'm a big fan of Goldie Hawn. I think she's a serious actress who is capable of doing fine comedic performance. One of my favorite films of hers is OVERBOARD, in which she plays an over-indulged, spoiled woman who--after falling overboard from her yacht--suffers from identity amnesia. She is rescued by Kurt Russell who punishes her by telling her that she is his wife and has her live with him and his four wild sons.
It is one of many films with a similar theme. Find an insincere spoiled rich bitch, put her in a situation in which she is humiliated and--through introspection and reflection--watch her transform into a selfless and altruistic penant.
So what's the big deal about Paris Hilton? In Los Angeles there is the notion of two (or more) sets of law; one for the rich and one for the poor. So much for living in a classless democratic society! Since we don't throw Catholics to the lions in this country, and the allure of making black-and-white women-with-shaved-heads-in-prison movies is no longer in vogue, we opt for taking high profile women (Zsa Zsa Gabor, Martha Stewart, Paris Hilton) and making them sensational headliners.
Normally I wouldn't care much one way or the other, but given the fact that Mel Gibson recently had a scuff with the law, I begin to wonder about just how sorry these people really are. Paris apparently didn't have her ankle bracelet on when she was home (Shame, Shame, Shame! We all know your name!). Is she thumbing her nose at the judicial system, or is she simply mindlessly following the advice of her publicist, agent and/or manager?
I don't have any great love for a lot of the people who run aspects of the legal system. Local police, judges, lawyers... suffice it to say many of them have an agenda. I think a lot of the judges in L.A. want to become the next Judge Judy.
As for Paris... let her do her time in a private cell. Maybe she'll come out with the realization that nobody cares what medications you take. Maybe she'll also wind up serving the community and becoming a more positive role model. Or maybe she'll retain a private chauffeur.
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