Notes And Proceedings

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The purpose of this is to establish an accumulative knowledge of firsthand experience in life; to essentially feel out ones soul and learn things about the planet and god in my own way. Documenting my venture of the spiritual/unknown will be singular after completion of trial and error written known to my intent. I will be exploring the absolute basics of metaphysical reality in a clear, meditated mind without distraction.

For sake of speculative words and transgressions I will not be addressing belief rather; I will be recording faith. Most of which will be done through the altars of divinity blessed by the Church or a religion of equal notoriety. No specific methods of prayer or meditation will be used and I will be exploring, religion, mysticism and general philosophy as a singular entity of subject matter and will pursue it as such. For simplicity of text, im starting a new religious life separate to my own.

I will be conducting a series of a number of tests regarding 'magic' or rather the reality of life. Such activities will include Tarot cards, Ouija boards, Spirit Walking, Meditation, Prayer, Lucid Dreaming, Sensation Awareness; finally ending with, Mindfulness of body and Spirit in no particular order.
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