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I met Aslaug on a prevoius visit..on Karl Johans Gatan..
woohhah..what a chick...we had a nice talk and a beer.
but we clicked that day..and now..I was in Oslo..on the way..
to her farm in AL(Hallingdal)Oslo in summer on a sunny day..
is full of people strolling...enjoying life..I slept rough in Oslo..
some covered place near Central Station..stayed 3 nights..
second night in a house of squatters..funny people..boozers..
drug addicts..third night in Slottsparken..the harbour of Oslo
is quite nice..I went to Bygdoy..there's a museum on Vikingships..
a real authentic made me wonder..were these folks hippies?
certainly they had some gypsy traits in them...ahah..uhuh..
these ships are great..Vikings remind me to Native Americans...
great folks..with the correct spirit and soul..
I'm not going to rant on about Oslo..I can write pages about it..
point is...I enjoyed this's a city carved in Tigers heart.. my favorite country in the world..
and I travelled through 50's it..
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