Norvegian myths,folktales,trolls etc..

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Norvegian myths,trolls,folk tales etc...
Anybody visiting Norway will see trolls one day..
it has become a trademark item for Norway tourism..
what's a troll??NO,not an internet troll??no way..
trolls are mostly ugly looking creatures..a troll..
is scared of bells ringing..particulary church bells..
mostly trolls don't harm people..despite their ugly and fearful outlook..
the tourist industry made troll keyhangers,bottle openers,
figures to hang in your car..big money game again..
if you wanna learn more about Norvegian folktales..
just try to read some tales from Asbjornsen&Moe..
Asbjornsen was a forest inspector,while Moe was a priest..
both of them gave birth to a vivid Norvegian folk tale history..
ask any Norvegian about nisse,hulder,fossegrime,tusse or deildegast...
they will smile...and tell you what it all means..
it's part of their schooldays..their youth..Mikkel the fox..
Bamsen the bear,trolls,etc...a*nisse*=a gnome like figure..
around Yule(Christmas time)a glass of strong akvavit is put at the farm..
for the nisse...a*huldre or gyger*=this is a lady with a cow's tail,send by
trolls to seduce young men..well..never met one of these while in Norway..
a*fossegrime*=a spirit living in a foss=waterfall=they play very good violin..
a*tusse*=a small spirit..they live behind the wall or beyond the floor of farms
nobody can determine whether they have a good or bad influence...
a*deildegast*=this is a farmers story..this one stole land from his neighbour,
and replaced that land by stones..this one is doomed..
because he wanted to put the stones back in place..
but can't find the bloody correct border..
I was once a guest in Tretten in a Norvegian family..they were telling me it's
all bullshit..well..maybe it is..don't know..the Vikings had their mythology..
how about the Icelandic Edda??one should investigate deeper??
trolls cannot stand sunlight..they turn to stone..they like darkness..
I'll try to find you peeps some links or pictures of trolls etc
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