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So..Karasjok..just a little border hamlet on the Finnish-Norvegian border..
after Vadso..I hitched to the Finnish border around Polmak..I recall a ride
with a sailor(Finnish)who was married to a French woman..they lived in Skipagurra..just in the middle of nowhere..his wife was so keen on speaking
French..they gave me food/shelter for 2 days..they had 2 young sons..
played football with the sons during the day
the area around Utsjoki is real wild a ride to Karasjok..
slept somewhere in the rough enough..
then to Karigasniemi(border Finland)Karasjok is Norway..
Karigasniemi-Kaamanen-Ivalo..loveley stretch..some Finns took me into a baari..kind of pub like..there was a hotel restaurant nearby..they paid booze
for me..we got careful getting drunk with Finns
they drink until they fall from their chairs.. a language which I can speak..with a hot potato in my mouth..real difficult..I don't recall whether I slept in Ivalo...just booze..
I day..i was in Rovaniemi sun..
great youth hostel..stayed 2 nights..I met a French chick from Paris who
was of Vietnamese origin..I recall Kathy as a good 1974
I would visit her in Paris..before my last trip to West Africa..
The midnight sun around Rovaniemi is something I'll never was real
beautiful..Kathy travelled on Interrail I saw her off in the station..
more later on..I'll try to find a link on Rovaniemi..
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