Noble Self-Value

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Noble Self-Value as Part of the Path Towards Authentic Power, Addressed to the Alienated Westerner.

There are those who are shameless, who see no problem living as livestock, a pet, or a zoo animal. Such people hold onto one value fiercely, which is the value of no-values, and attempt to get rid of all others. Chances are many who consider themselves to be such people, are not. They may actually still greatly value pride despite themselves. As well as fiercely attempting to eliminate values, they are fiercely egotistical. They trip themselves up in this. They refuse to accept that they value themselves so they never explore what exactly it is they value about themselves. They leave themselves floating in the wind so that when they're ego is most in crisis they end up following, like a cow, whoever appeals to their ego with flattering lies.

Even the most rejected of men may as well embrace having values and admit to having values. They may think about what it is they're really turning away from; not values in themselves, but certain values that have been partially imposed on them, and have not worked well for them. They may ask themselves what it is that they reject and what they do value in life and which of those values are missing.

But, it's poor planning to focus entirely on what one is most deprived of leaving no room for other deprived needs to become more substantial at later times. It's better to use cautious planning concerning one's latent needs, and attempt to fulfill them in an order that doesn't just take under advisement the intensities of the needs, but the practicality of the needs. One may also predict how the mitigation of some needs may best lead to the mitigation of others, and factor that into the order one attempts to fulfill them in.

As well as providing for baser, simpler needs, one may seek a higher respectability, that which comes from an authentic, meaning noble, sense of self-value. Authentic self-valuing is the only way towards authentic power. Many base their self-value on individuals, or abstract institutions, anywhere from the state to political groups. But, authentic self-valuing must be from and for oneself and one's kind, and mustn't be based on falsities, even those that might not actually be derived from others. For those lacking knowledge or access to their own kind, if they believe they've been deprived and set adrift by society then the innocuousness of the concerns or evaluations of Modern's should be more transparent than otherwise.

If one has an employer one may best work towards giving him the perception that one's his kind of worker - probably meaning stupider than he and altogether a pushover. Concerning one's friends it may be best to simply make oneself tolerable company as far as they keep themselves tolerable company. Concerning family, and heritage in general, see the essay, On the Alienated Westerner Developing the Pagan Mindset.

As for political concerns. Why reject the common political notions just to be sucked into more unusual ones? Does one's slavishness to an unpopular unachievable ideal for the human species make one better than those who are slave to the more popular? Those harboring resentment are those standing inline for recommunion. Their harsh stares and angry bared teeth turning into wide eyed smiles as soon as they're tossed a compliment or other scraps to gnaw on.

Chances are one's not even remotely self-sufficient, nor robust, but at the height of vulnerability. One may be an insect in the world at large, pathetic, near powerless, but what's most despicable and inept, and what's most likely a certain sign that one will continue as such, is one's reliance on the thoughts of other insects.

The best but hardest approach to authentic self valuing is likely to excruciatingly slowly let one's self-value dissipate near completely so that it can possibly later be renewed without corruption. For one unable yet to take such an approach, or perhaps what would best be considered an early step in that approach; on may simply let the self-value one derives from others be slowly replaced by self-value for not having as much self-value derived from others.
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