Nimbin Mardigrass Part 2

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Mardigrass in Nimbin was a total gas! I'm amazed that such a place exists, much less in a conservative country like Australia (yes, most of the place is conservative).


The main theme of Mardigrass is protesting Australia's arcane marijuana laws. A number of speakers lent their voice to the growing chorus in Australia for change. The police stood back while people smoked openly in the streets in the thousands.


The VW combi (van) parade was fun, as was the attempt to set a world record for number of joints fired up simultaneously at 4:20 (not sure if it set a record, but it sure was a "highlight"!


I'll have to write more about the amazing characters that live in Nimbin. Old hippies mostly, many are growers or alternative businessmen.

The selection of smoke rivaled that of Amsterdam, with fresh sweet sativa and sweet smooth bubble hash the best in my book. Both were organically grown outdoors, the only way to go...

Nimbin Bubble Hash - yummm!

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