Night walk

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Hi everybody I'm walking a trail that i really walk in the day light . But it's such a nice night and theirs thunder and a little lightning. I see that there is some people out walking this late . But I'm the only one barefoot. But now it's starting to sprinkling and it feels so good on my bare feet. I might just take off my shirt and shorts and walk nude for a little bit. I have done it in the day light not at night. Will here i go the shorts and shirt are off and i like the sprinkling rain shower feels great . I hope nobody says anything to the cops that there is a guy run around nude on the trail. I have see couples walking nude and having sex on the trail in the day light. But i don't say anything. Oh here comes a couple of people. Wow they just said nice night to walk with or without clothes. All i could say yes it is and I'm sorry if i make you two feel uncomfortable. They said no they where thinking about doing they same. They couple are two guy's and now they are nude also this is great. I feel better now. Seeing others nude as well this is great. It would be better if i had someone to share this with. Wow these two are getting sexual so I'm going to leave them alone so they can have some privacy. The rain sprinkling has stopped and they rain feels greaton my nude body . Will turning back to where i have parked and it should be good to go all the way to my truck in the nude. It rained enough to get the dirt wet and have little rain puddles and i love to walk through them in my bare feet it takes me back when i was little guy playing in the rain with my bare feet in the rain. It's nice just to be a kid now and then. The two guy's that was walking with me earlier they are on a bench have their own fun . Wow i tried to sneak by but they saw me and ask if i wanted to join in i would love to but i just said if it's ok if i watch and masturbate as i watch them they said ok but if i wanted to join just come on in i said ok. I watched and when i was finish i said thank you for the show and hope to see them again. I gave them my number and i left and came home i hope i can sleep. Will everybody keep barefooting and keep going nude.
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