Niamey-Tahoua-in Gall-Agadez(Niger)

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wooh..this traject..was rough travelling..I recall...getting towards
Agadez on top of a truck..together with local Africans..first day..
after Niamey..only reached Tahoua by taxi brousse..
traffic towards Agadez..was difficult in the these days..
Tahoua..was nothing special..just a stopover place..
next day got a truck ride towards Agadez..
one has to pay the was a truck full of sacks of grain..
we sat on was a dusty,bumpy and difficult ride..
in the middle of nowhere..suddenly this truck stops..
everybody down...and..guess what..namaaz time..
devote Muslims do their prayers..I couldn't blame them..
everybody turned their face to Mecca..I still don't know..
how they find that direction??that's Africa,you know..
the local African people who travelled with me..
on top of this bloody truck..were Fulanis(tribe)
great folks...they smile all the time..I did not..
it was hard travelling..I suppose they are used too..
I recall..I hated this was
once back at values..the hardship of travelling..
so..these Fulani's(Peuls)are folks who got lots of herds..
they have a very funny festival called Gerewol..
it's held at In I crossed between Tahoua-Agadez..
the local Wodaab? tribe(Fulani)the men..put make up..
and dance around like find a local girl as a bride..
I've not seen this..but I know..I've missed something there..
everybody is in a trance during this festival..if local drugs..
are involved..I can't tell..could be??who knows??
so..after this funny ride..I reached Agadez..a desert like town..
I will relate in a special posting about this place..
crazy Tiger
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