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N'Gor is a village west from Yoff airport..famous for its beach..
the route from Dakar was done by bus..we passed Yoff..
mainly a fishers's community=L?bou tribe..I think I told somewhere
in my journal about the N'deup cermonies=bit like a voodoo session..
they often get into trance..drive out evil spirits etc..black Africa..boohh...
Yoff is known for these ceremonies..did never witnessed anything like that..
N'gor itself is known for holiday hotels..excellent location on Cap Vert..
tourism in full boom...restaurants,dancing,private beaches..the whole shit..
we aimed for N'gor island..we had to take a *chaloupe*
it was a very short crossing..this little island got a very nice sand beach..
we took a swim..I recall it was very hot that day..
we were constantly bothered by African ladies selling pineapples,mango's etc..
they carried their wares on their head...a typical African picture.
stupid me..I did not put any sun protection..we had a nice swim..
very funny was that little tiny fish pricked you constantly..very funny..
result of my stupidity..when we returned to Teranga hotel..I could not even
take a shower..I was burnt like a lobster..next day..we got some lotion..
next time..I'll put sun cream..very close to N'gor is the most western point
of Africa..called *Pointe des Almadies*the wild Atlantic ocean..awww..
next day..we were gonna take a taxi brousse to Barra...then Banjul..
that's in Gambia..a country between Dakar and the Casamance..
I'll tell you peeps about my adventures towards Gambia..
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