New Delhi-Jaipur(India)

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Delhi-Japiur was called Pink City express..
night 1 hotel night..
I never could sleep well on Indian trains..
too much noise..every stop inbetween..
these noisy hawkers...chai...andhe..mumphalee..
reached Jaipur early morning..cup of tea in the railway station..
then I had to take a 3 wheeler ricksjah..towards Moti Doongri..
teachers hostel of Rajasthan there safe..
these ricksjahs go fast..Ruby welcomed me with a good breakfast..
nice woman..she stayed at flat 11 of a block of Univ.buildings..
2 rooms..small bathroom..I got my own room..she used to keep
a white labrador dog called Bing..loveley dog..good safeguard..
bit later the doodwalla came(milkman)he was a typical Rajasthani
villager in loincloth,turban..and typical big Rajasthani moustache..
I was tired from the train trip...took a shower..and while Ruby..
went for her teaching job...I took a nap..she always went by bicycle..
she was a damn intellectual that why I married her later?? to's said before...
I intended to stay 3 days..but stayed 1 and a half month..
so..time to discover Jaipur in all its aspects..
I went to movies..cultural events..the Univ..where Ruby teached..
giggling Indian shy girls...wondering what this long haired..bearded..
came to see in their Univ..Ruby was a good teacher...
her students had high respect for her..she spoke 4 languages fluently..
English,Hindi,Bengali,Assamese(mother tongue)
I think she was teaching in English or Hindi..I got myself a book..
in a jaipur learn Hindi...I mean the spoken sentences..
i love that sounds very funny..Jaipur was hot..
it almost NEVER rains there..if it does..
the around like fools..because it rains very seldom..
so..first day..I just washed some clothes...took rest..
tomorrow..I was gonna attack Jaipur by bicycle..
i believe I've put some links on page 25??
in that 1 and a half month..I bareley spend money..
food I got free..sleeping accomodation as well..
when I cycled around..or visited touristical attractions..
musea etc???I spend some money..that's all..
I'll tell you all about Jaipur's hot..crowded.. got lots of character..I loved my stay there...
fabulous city..will tell you crazy peeps later on..
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