New Delhi...and back home...

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The pink city express is a fast train..between Jaipur-Delhi..
lots of tourists take this was not a night train..
it reaches Old Delhi late evening..we were bloody lucky..
when we reached get a retiring room in Old Delhi station.
the rooms there..must have looked like a jail cell for my brother/wife..
it's not a simple thing to reach old Delhi at 22.30 p.m..
and go out to find a decent hotel..I could have..
if I was on my can't put newly weds..
in a sleazy hotel room..NO way..but the only option..
was this retiring room..O.K. for one night..I did not sleep to well...
but al a bed..a morning..we took breakfast..
in the railway station..damn cheap..I liked always these waiters..
with their Indian polite..yes Sur,yes Madam...India,you know...
after breakfast..we went to brother wanted some privacy
with his etc..I said O.K...I'll meet you two at Connaught
Radial road nr.6=L block..Nirula's 6 p.m..
I got a place in a Sikh temple..near
food included..if I's called *langar*in Sikh religion..
nothing more then chappati/dal...I strolled around bit on Janpath..
they get these Tibetan stalls there..or book stalls...I did'n't get bored..
met my brother/wife at Nirula's..good food..very nice desserts..
Nirula is a fast food cream was excellent..
my brother/wife had done a conducted sightseeing tour on their own..
told me about places in New Delhi..I had never seen before myself..
next day..flight back home...with a stop in Moscow airport...
about 8 or 9 hours to went early to bed..
long day before us next day..
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